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Postludes - 6
Elliot Cole

Richard Drehoff Jr., Ledah Finck, Victoria Nelson, Vincent Povázsay - Vibraphone

Postludes is a book of eight pieces for a familiar instrument played in a new way. Four players, with eight double-bass bows, play interlocking lines on a single vibraphone. The interplay of bows and hands tapping, muting and touching harmonics, weaves an intimate and intricate counterpoint that is as beautiful to watch as it is to hear: fragile, tender and haunting. - Cole

Daniel Wohl

Richard Drehoff Jr. - Keyboard

Aorta is the first movement of a three-movement study in how electronics can be mixed with an instrument. In the first movement, the electronics glide above the texture and gradually intermingle with the sounds of the piano. All of the electronic sounds are derived from recordings of the piano itself.

Press Release
David Lang

Andrew Hudson - Bass Clarinet

I wrote press release in 1991 for Evan Ziporyn. When you compose for one person, you can't get all the colors that you'd have with an ensemble or orchestra, so you have to imagine some sort of interesting problem. I wanted to do something that was really rhythmic. The original idea behind this piece was that of a high melody alternating with a low bass line, so that you get a high pop and a low pop switching back and forth as fast as possible, and these two worlds coexist. I wanted the upper melody to be recognizable and the bottom bass line to be recognizable, to be a real bass line, a driving funk thing. In classical music, the bass is only there to support the melody, which is where the action is. But the bass line is the place where funk music really shines. Who has the best bass lines in the business? I am a big James Brown fan, and, I thought, if you want a bass line, you got to go to James. So I made the key changes sound like James Brown. Because of the way the bass clarinet works, I thought you'd have to press the keys down to make all the low notes, and you'd release the keys to make the high notes.... press release. I was really proud of myself because I thought I had made this funny joke, and then of course Evan said, ''You know, a lot of those high notes you play with all your fingers down, and a lot of those low notes you play with all your fingers up.'' But I didn't think it was worth it to change the title.
- David Lang

Stop Speaking
Andy Akiho

Victoria Nelson - Snare Drum

Commissioned by Tom Sherwood for the 2011 Modern Snare Drum Competition hosted by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. Stop Speaking is a contemporary piece for solo snare drum and digital playback. 

Syncronism No. 1
Mario Davidovsky 

Philip Snyder - Flute

Mario Davidovsky is probably best known for his series of compositions titled Synchronisms of which tonight’s selection is the first. Davidovsky has long been affiliated with the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center and his studies and leadership of the center undoubtedly influenced these electro-acoustic pieces. Each Synchronism is for live musicians and pre-recorded electronic tape. This piece was originally performed with a reel-to-reel machine but happily the tape has now been digitized. This work’s electronic track does not seek to mimic standard instrument sounds but rather treats the tape as a new kind of instrument altogether and thus opens itself to an aesthetic which was novel at the time of its composition. The live flute part employs various extended techniques as well as rapid and severe dynamic shifts to bring the flutist into dialogue with this electronic aesthetic. 
- Philip Snyder

3 For 2
II. Veiled Images
Eric Mandat

Andrew Hudson - Clarinet, Vincent Povázsay - Vibraphone

Eric Mandat has established himself as a leading composer of new music for the clarinet. 3 For 2 was written for clarinetist Robert Spring and percussionist J.B. Smith. Veiled Images is the second movement and is scored for clarinet and vibraphone. In this movement Mandat employees serene, cadenza-like figures in the clarinet, accompanied by subtle ostinato figures in the vibraphone. Clarinet multiphonics also appear and create a sustained layer over freely moving melodies in the vibraphone.  - Vincent Povázsay

Marc Mellits

Ledah Finck - Violin, Philip Snyder - Flute

Minimalist composer Marc Mellits has become known for combining groove and a broad spectrum of tone colors to define his personal style. His music has been performed all over the world by ensembles like Bang on a Can All-Stars, the Kronos Quartet, and the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra. "Black" was originally written for Sqwonk and embodies Mellits' trademark groove and relentless drive. A fun piece for all, "Black" is one of Mellits' most performed and widely adapted pieces. 


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